Thursday, January 27, 2011

you didn't go unnoticed.

   Yesterday in the supermarket, somewhere between the Ginger beer and the Pretzels, a young man stopped me and said
'You are the nurse who saved my life.'
I had to work the old brain to remember the moment, it was a blink on a busy night for me and the end of a bad day for him.
`I'm surprised you recognized me out of my scrubs,' I answered.
`I'll never forget you,' he answered.
I started thinking of all the people who had saved my sanity whilst doing their day to day work, who I never properly thanked.
Our Kinder teacher. What a difficult season; letting go of your babies, helping them learn organisation, social skills and introducing them to life in the system. My kids had the best experience in Kinder, thanks to sensitive, mature, unflappable women who built bridges where there wasn't a path.
I can't imagine how exhausted they were after a day, a week, but I'll never forget their names and faces, nor will my children.                                      

Sunday, January 16, 2011

and a spider in a pear tree

Spiders receive too much bad press, few people see the gentle protective side of their intentions. My bundle of sticks that became a flourishing pear tree full of polished leaves and blossom , had begun to wither. Upon closer inspection I noticed slimey black grubs eating the leaves. I carefully removed the affected leaves and waited. No sprays, no powders, just waited and wondered if anybody would care to help this purple thumbed gardener. I didn't know what the predator was.
Yesterday I noticed a sudden emergence of new bright leaves, and not one grimey bug to be seen. Just for the fun of it, I blew on the leaves....and a spider dropped down briefly on a thread and quickly ran back to his perch. He was well camoflaged, so I couldn't quite be sure that he was there. So I blew on him again, and down came the silk thread, waved and then returned to his citadel.
The tree is recovering well, thanks to my sentry.
Next time you see a spider, don't scream or swat, consider his courageous role in protecting you from insects that attack and deliberately harm and destroy.