Monday, May 23, 2011

my spinning jupiter...

I'm slowly finding my way into the world of publishing and social networking. I've never been a photographer or artist so this miniclip took 12 attempts, but I hope it gives a few cues about Ashlin's shock drop into spinning jupiter...
I'd been eavesdropping on preteens and realized how many girls are annoyed by their body morphing against their will.
Usually it's parents who dent your day, but when the body starts to trip into adulthood and the mind is still dreaming, hoping for another world, it hurts.
Period.: A Girl's GuideMost of the books available about puberty seemed to be non-fiction; simple science or question and answer style. I thought it might be fun to turn the mind bending into a friendship with the cosmos, a mouse spider, monarch butterfly, annoying brother and a non-boyfriend.
I also wanted to add history, so Ashlin's grandmother and 97 year old great grandmother move in to add details and offer support.
Blending sex education with fiction and humour needs a fine balance of reality checks and though all the worst fears eventuate, and it really does seem as if the entire world can see through her, I've tried to keep Ashlin's dignity intact, as the beauty breaks out.

Monday, May 16, 2011

dear sir or madam, won't you read my book...

At last, 'My Spinning Jupiter' is on sale.
I'm sorry I took so long to write about it but life suddenly became like a dodgem car ride....I love writing but know little about the publishing world. I loved the editing, but found myself running into endless standstills as I tried to understand the literary galaxy.
People have been so kind about my first intrepid venture, loved my me, but leaving me with new doubts, hopes and fears.
It is currently available on Amazon
and apparently soon hitting Kindle, major bookshops, schools and libraries.
I've been challenged not to embrace the timidity that stalks every introvert, so I'm trying hard to shine, smile and be brave. I even wrote my own review on Goodreads (maybe you're not meant to do that :)
I've mentioned this in previous posts, but after many years of trying to find a shelf to sit on, the big push was Nanowrimo. Resolving to complete an unedited, new work over 50,000 words within 30 days pushed me to actually complete something...then I was a winner, and offered so many options my own little head was spinning.
A previous Nano winnerWater for Elephants  'Water for Elephants' has made a mighty splash into the big book jungle, so I'm hoping that my effort may follow.
'My Spinning Jupiter' is targeted at 10-15 year old girls, as a comical intro into the uninvited world of puberty, but seems to be enjoyed as much by adults who have memories of those confusing days, or are currently bemused and befuddled by their own pubescent offspring.
The main characters are Ashlin; the all suffering wannabe entomologist who is shattered by the permanence of a fixed gender, and her twin Ava who is loving the girl up phase. Their stirring 17 year old brother, who loves to soften the sharp turns, and add a bit of humour. Their Grandmother and 97 year old Great Grandmother move in to help the girls with this magnificent transition, and give history lessons on tampons. And small but significant, Mr Hokey, Ashlin's pet mouse spider, who was also hoping not to have to do the girl thing., and the monarch butterfly who encourages Ashlin to take the leap from childhood to the grandiose world of Jupiter.
I hope you consider having a glance, and maybe buying a copy :)