Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sweet spiders

Spiders seem to be the helmet of an awkward moment. As living beings we are obligated to love and respect them, but at the mention of their arrival in the most B grade moment and the people start looking for an exit door. Except in our funny family.
We were driving to school this morning and one of my boys casually mentioned that he woke during the night for a drink. He wandered into the kitchen and noticed a large brown spider on the front of his shirt. We all wanted details; stripes, spots, how many legs, size...and then there was the laughter. 
I still don't understand why people fail to see the beauty in spiders, they are magnificent. We seem to be less afraid of trucks, unstable world leaders and mortgage rates. I'd trust a spider more than a person with a need for power or attention, but then, sometimes the profile is not so obvious.
In case you were worried, my son didn't get bitten, he thought it was wonderful.                 

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