Saturday, January 21, 2012

never ashamed.........................119:6

Shame is the cloak that regards the guilty, or the confused.
The tough and uninformed may feel no shame as they see no shadows, heed no voice and fear no rebuke.
Yet the tender and listening heart may be oversensitised to throwaway comments, and shiver.
The tender and listening sometimes need to hear the end of the story to lay shame to rest. The end is forgiving and full of promise.
The one with a promise in hand is strong and full of peace.
Peace does not live with shame.
Peace is the fruit of fellowship, of companionship, of the heart that lay open for instruction and forgiveness.
It will drown out disappointment, confusion and dread, rinse away tears and the despair that may appear with delay.
And the heart becomes light and free.
In truth it shall be free.

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  1. Beautiful. Truth is the answer, whatever the question, the only real answer is the truth, the final truth.