Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jupiter Spinning away

The Secret of Priest's Grotto: A Holocaust Survival StoryAt last Jupiter is spinning over my head and Ashlin is finding her way into the hearts of earthlings.It seems as if some time soon I am going to have to come out of my cave and promote it, it's not as there is anything out there that Jupiter hasn't seen. People have faces and opinions but that's okay. Each face and opinion is to be welcomed. Each person comes with stories and storms...and that is where the story began. Stories and storms can't be locked up, though they can hide in times of war, until there is peace, until there is a word of reassurance, that wants a day out, that needs a place to speak.
Caves are brilliant places for creating new worlds, but apparently you are not supposed to live there. I love reading the story of 'The Priest's Grotto', and climbing into a world of expectation and silence. Eventually reality bite and the light must fall again. I'm polishing my next work; 50,00 in and my YA speculative fiction is finding wings.I've been happily head down editing. It's the strange way of the introvert, isolating, enjoying the untapped worlds of dreams, geographies and problems, until breath is breathed into them and invisible trolls become the carriers of messages and mysteries. I could leave my world to grow its own legs and introduce itself to schools and people, but I'm hearing voices in the wind and on the web reminding me that what you breathe to life, you also owe exposure. I love thoughts dreams and pathways but the offer nothing if not unveiled. Jupiter has never chosen to be enshrouded by darkness. I owe it to her to bring her to light and sparks, as Jupiter only feels safe with storms.

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