Sunday, June 5, 2011

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Image of "Jill Dempsey"I'm a wife of one, mother of three teens, emergency nurse, writer of non-fiction (health and parenting) and love writing young adult speculative fiction.
I live at the base of a magnificent mountain range in Victoria, Australia where we have many beautiful parrots, lyrebirds, koalas, platypus and lush forests.
I love birdcalls, owls, spiders, but mostly the sound of my children, talking, singing and playing music.
I believe in possibility, a magnificent Creator and enjoy all aspects of His work.

Thirteen year old Ashlin Piggot has the world watching her, as lumps, bumps, spots and limbs are sprouting out of previously safe places. In spite of her parent's assurances that she is 'normal', her brother happily uses every creative option to highlight Ashlin's changes. However she has a plan to escape this turmoil, and it all begins in Jupiter.

From the Author

My Spinning Jupiter is intended to ease the transition into adolescence. There are many books about pimples, periods, mood changes and peer acceptance, but they are usually non-fiction. 
This book contains the facts within fiction, embracing the discomfort of uninvited change with humour and handles. Life seasons can be explained within question and answer form, but sometimes it's easier to walk with someone else. Ashlin finds the rush of changes scary and out of her control, but softened by company, conversation and a few laughs. 

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  1. Hi Jill! I've been emailing you for follow up about you signing up for my blog tour, but I haven't been getting any replies. I hope all is okay. Please let me know if you still want to be involved and email me your postal address so I can send you an advanced copy of String Bridge. xx