Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rules of the road, 1

   Most people will arrive a place on their path, where there are no obvious directions. Once you've outgrown the need for parents, the only restraints are rules that you choose. The local and federal rules give advice, but they don't spend each day reminding you to pick up socks and do the dishes. 
You decide whether you want to follow fashion, peers, and trends. You can choose to be an eternal luddite. Nobody can judge you on that.
Your heart spills dreams over your daily needs, but who can determine what really fills the happy factor?
Is it the option of pursuing blamelessness? 
Are you safer yielding to advice that doesn't appeal to you?
No Direction Home: Bob DylanIs there a place where rules and relationship merge, and therefore build a home for the heart?                                               

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