Monday, February 7, 2011

Storytelling that feeds the heart. 2

All day we listen to others tell the plans, griefs, and happiness of their day. Unless you disappear to a place where you are alone, you will hear the reflections of somebody's day. And even in that quiet place, you may not hear another's tale but you will still be the audience to your own dreams, fears, frustrations and disappointments.
Stumbling on Happiness
Some days it just doesn't seem as if you are capable of anything useful; and others will underline this, pushing your hopes away from the stepping stones you were looking for.
But there is a way to find yourself reflected as a beautiful contribution to the planet.
There is a safe place at the knee of a storyteller who will do you no harm, and bring you back to your feet.
There is a hearth that gives warmth, change and healing.
The only requirement is that you seek out the storyteller, and sit still long enough to listen.

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