Monday, February 28, 2011

the Wandering Millionaire.. 5

Love vs MoneyAny moment you can wake up in prison or prosperity, in a dream or on steady ground.  You me and the Lord of Commons have some structures set in place, and others we choose.
Do you want to be famous? You can sacrifice everything that may seem valuable and find your most potent gift, chase it to the cliff and jump. Or, lay down your life, pour it into your children

Teach Your Childrento grow a new generation of balanced beautiful people.
What matters? Conversation, connecting values or evading the voice within for the sake of a possible profile that live up a mountain, alone.
Is there a compass that spins your heart toward popularity, power, or people?
How cool to have such sensitive awareness to the plan that would benefit both yourself and the world about you.
Music, pastels, guidance, solicitude, and a sunny countenance are beautiful gifts in a world that seems to be all about running solo.
It starts in the centre, the midlands, the place within your most hidden and honest room.
I love birdcalls, leaf-fall, owls, bears, lions, spiders, peacocks and hippopotami, and my dog.
I can clothe myself in the mountainsRocky Mountains (Landscape) Art Poster Print - 24x36, untangle in the ocean. I may have more deeper, richer friends than any Politician, and still miss the target.
Shine: A Professional 4-Step Plan for Becoming a Star in Anything You DoThe shine that allows us to hear our own beat, touch the pulse that will lead us home, and settle us in a moment where we wont need friends, fun, voice or the pinnacle.
It's so close to our peace, choose not to miss it.

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