Friday, June 3, 2011

The eagle and the flea

once upon a time something landed in a brain, a soul, a destination without maps, and it niggled and bit and baited. so the host became hostage, and picked and poked and combed to no avail. sometimes you don't invite visitors, sometimes they don't knock or tell you their name or intentions.

sometime many years later, the irritation flies away, peace returns and the little invader becomes a vision of possibility that you can't reach. it was always a dream, a call, a destiny but when it was a feeling, it bugged you. the delay disturbed you. but as you saw it flying out of sight, carrying your hope to faraway places, you realize, you were right all along. you shouldn't have let it bug you. you could have embraced it and nurtured it as a germ of your desire and plan.

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