Monday, September 20, 2010

dead sticks

Months ago I bought  a bundle of uninteresting sticks  at the Caribbean Gardens . The voluble vendor assured me that within months we would have beautiful pears bowing low. I am not known for successful gardens but I do like pears so I struggled 4 ' healthy brown kindling and found a focal point in the front garden.
And here, do you sing sweetly to these brown dead sticks and believe that all things are possible and wow aren't the rains bringing out the blossom and flowering trees that we anticipate every year,
But weeks flew past and my sticks were swollen in some appendages but it could't have been the magnification of the raindrops, or me pouring my most encouraging growth sonnets into that ...brown.

BUT!, today, a small fluffy white blossom placed a sign out, 'come in for tea'.
My dead sticks found colours within to fill previously vapid substance to become my first pear of the season.

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