Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm worth a million dollars~~~$

The Melbourne show, is a microcosm of wailing walls, global warming, shrieking and gnashing of teeth. This circus allows sensory overload, to any straggly olfactory nerve that missed the escape clause.
I don't like crowds. 
I love people.
As a writer, I have the opportunity to stalk every Nanna and Grandad in their brave efforts to merge with this extraordinary young loud generation, and introduce them to even more noise.
Nana is causing considerabel damage to shins and toes all around due to a pristine Babyco stroller carrying George. George is covered in bubble gum, fairy floss and opinions.
'I'm Booooored!'
`Orright, we're going to do something. Look, there's something, yay!'
George has found more decibels and semidigested over-processed food to underline his point.
"I doesn't want to see wood choppers!'
The debate faded as my gentle observant daughter followed me into the lifestyle Paviliouns. There are refuges, there are people who whisper and smile and remind you that much of the day will be enjoyed in the memory.
The memory of a day with my favourite girl, surveying faces, savouring smells, sidestepping the crush.
I came home with a million dollar memory.

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