Tuesday, September 21, 2010

notes within notes

The    one person I love to spend time with knows me better than I know myself, remembers what I need remembered and sees through my masks. There are no trademarks but plenty of watermarks that define him when held up to the light, and within that light he is at his most beautiful. The most important reflection of him, is his music. All things he does well and strives high, but in his music you feel his happiness. At anytime of the day he will gather up heartworn pages that spell out the melodies our home knows and spills. He has sung these to each of the children growing up and hums them in the garden. So, when he has an instrument that peals out his favourites, I stop and listen. I may write in the same room but I have to be there to feel the breath and passion that goes with his talent.                          

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