Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Perfect advice = perfect results...6

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You don’t need to turn on the TV
 for gossip, gobbling and grandiose gibberish. 
You only need to walk out the door to hear the chatter of the bitter and negative. 
If words could just fall to the ground and mulch up to benefit growth, it would be a calmer world. Caustic words burn, cutting conversation take root in our head-space, dulling dreams, and splitting our resolve, and we wither.
So we find ourselves in the company of some angry, some perplexed, some hurting people who throw their weathered mind space over ours, like foam extinguishing the flames of our hopes and dreams.

Where's the breath to reignite the embers?

Do we have choice to fly higher than the ground zero bleeding?

Would that choice to listen to hope that empowers and colours our peace meet us at each turn we face?

Sure. There is reason for hope in promises; hope that offsets regret.  I will live without regret, and find the power that flies in promise.                          

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  1. Regrets are caustic things that damage a person. Bad things will always happen but regrets will make them seem worse, and will stop a person from moving to better things.l