Friday, March 11, 2011

Jupiter and Jill are alright tonight.

  Yesterday morning I received notification from the publishers. At last they are happy with all the cover details, sizing, bleeding etc and have posted proof copies to me.
Excited was not the word, I was stunned. I'd hit a point where I thought I'd be re-editing forever.
But my little books are up in a plane heading for home.
Okay this is not world history, many books have been written and published but I have waded through the longing for ten years, and it's history for me.
Added to this was the news that Jupiter was having a fresh week where she was about to be visible to the naked eye for a few nights. So back and forth we went checking for the designated spot above the crescent moon.
I saw something orange, but as none of us are familiar with star gazing, it was uncertain that we had seen her.
As my husband said, if I hadn't seen Jupiter, Jupiter must have seen me.
This morning I  checked the planet news again and discovered that the orange thing I saw at 1 O'Clock above the crescent moon was indeed Jupiter.
Time for a Happy Dance...

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