Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the perfect website

   My beautiful Golden Orb who has protected and fed from my pear tree grubs for months seemed to be in trouble. Over the last week, I'd noticed her web was damaged each morning. 
I had dreadful images of gluttonous mynah birds swooping and gulping my friend. This seemed inappropriate in a season, when locusts are in such plague proportions that windscreens are being smothered. Drivers are having to pull off the road to remove the happy campers.
So why should these birds target my sentinel. Let them have locusts for their breakfast.
However, his perfect sturdy web reappeared each evening.

I was explaining my concern to my husband.
He saw things differently.
Each morning he would be finding the path to his car, and walk straight into the web.
He didn't mean it.
He just forgot that our spider would keep rebuilding, and so skillfully.
What a patient spider she is, and the pear tree's health is safe.


  1. What lovely pictures! I love spider webs to look at. I'm not so fond of walking into them though!

  2. Hi Jill,
    found this on Wiki
    the golden silk orb-weavers (see also Nephila clavipes) are sometimes referred to as writing spiders due to occasional zigzag patterns (stabilimenta) built into their webs,