Saturday, March 5, 2011

star gazing and imploding dreams

      The final touches are falling into place for my first fiction publication, after ten years of studying, dreaming, and chasing the stars. Somehow, the galaxies have decided to dance to my song.
'      My Spinning Jupiter' is about a thirteen year old girl who doesn't want to grow up. She didn't want to stay female but it all landed on her without consent. How can you spend your years trekking the  darkest parts of Africa and the Amazon for new spiders and butterflies, if your body is dissolving into a Chemist's bank account?
       Her comfort comes from a Monarch butterfly, a Mouse Spider, and an astronomer.
Jupiter is her solace of identity with bold orange presence, volcanoes, the big red spot, and a special place in history.
       So, the book should be available in a few days or weeks.
In three days, Jupiter will become visible to the naked eye around Australia, accompanied by a crescent moon.
No telescope or binoculars needed, just the ability to stand still, focussed and forget to measure the distance.
And be careful not to stumble on the stones while you're staring at the handiwork.

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